A moment in time is captured by a camera's lens and preserved in a photograph that reminds us of a cherished memory. The beauty of a far away place can be enjoyed through a photograph even if we are unable to travel to that place. Some photographs record the scenery while some photographs take you to the scene. As you look at some photographs of a horse, you see the horse's eye. In some photographs, the horse is looking back at you!

Welcome to the photography of Audrey C. Crosby (McLellan). Visit places like Corpus Christi, Texas and major equine events like The Kentucky Derby and Breeders' Cup. Enjoy a visit to Lexington, Kentucky and look into the eyes of the magnificent stallions that call the Bluegrass their home. Browse beautiful flowers and watch kids (and adults) romp and play. Photos are constantly being added so check back often! If you see something you would like to have printed to hang on your wall you can conveniently order that picture by adding it to your shopping cart with the convenient link located next to that picture.

ACCphotography offers her unique styling and breathtaking photography in customized packages for your business and/or personal photography needs. A camera will record an image. It is the eye and feel of the photographer that captures a moment. Any camera can capture a conformation shot of a horse. Only a few photographers capture the "essence" of that conformation. You can have a picture of your horse going over a jump, or you can feel yourself soaring over the oxer again and again.

Enjoy browsing. Book your photo shoot early so that you can be sure your memories are preserved by one of the hottest young professional photographers offering her services to the public for the first time.